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Espirito Santo Bank


Espirito Santo Bank Selects Centerprise to Integrate Data Into IBM Mainframe for Warehousing

"I like it. It was quick and easy to use."
Luis Arango, IT Director



Espírito Santo Bank is a chartered bank headquartered in Miami, Florida that provides private and commercial wealth management, banking, and financial services to domestic and international individuals, institutions, and corporate clients.



Luis Aragono, IT manager, is responsible for migrating data from brokers into a mainframe for data warehousing. He works with the broker dealer department and was charged with extracting the broker data that was stored in an MS Access database and loading it into an IBM mainframe data warehouse. The extraction was problematic since he had to place certain values from the Access records into a template prepared specifically for the mainframe.


Business Needs

The data integration software had to be easy to use and able to put the data into a predefined template that could be read by the IBM mainframe.  The client had to be able to design the dataflow for someone else to execute.  And above all, the software had to be able to be changed in an instant as new business requirements change frequently.  In short, flexibility, scalability, and ease of use must be combined in one solution.


Astera Solution and Results

Since this was a brand-new project, Aragono had the option of writing a COBOL program or looking for a software solution.  He chose the latter, since he knew that any program he wrote would have to go through a lengthy development and QA process to make even the smallest change.  He evaluated various software solutions and only Centerprise Data Integrator provided a seamless solution that met all his requirements.



Why Astera

Astera's Centerprise Data Integrator provided all the flexibility, scalability, and functionality required for the bank's complex application, while at the same time offering the ease of use Aragono needed in order to hand off dataflows for business users to execute without requiring extensive training.


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