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Consulting Firm for Nonprofits Speeds Up Data Migration Process by 20 Percent Using Centerprise

I really like the visual mapping. It allows me to show our clients exactly how their data is coming in.
Katrina, IT Consultant



This consulting firm specializes in developing web applications for nonprofit associations revolving around a partner company’s netFORUM applications. One of the firm's projects requires migrating new client existing CRM data to netFORUM systems, which often involves tens of thousands of records.



Since no two clients’ database schemas are the same, developers at this firm were forced to write custom SQL scripts for each client CRM database backup they received. For the customers who gave them data in spreadsheets, the process was even more complicated, due to the intermediate step of first importing the spreadsheet into a staging database. This was not a repeatable process and was quite time consuming, especially since there was a disconnect between SQL scripts written by the developers and the business users who knew the data best.


Business Needs

The consulting firm needed a repeatable transfer process that was self-documenting and was faster than the time it took the developers to write the custom SQL scripts. In addition, the solution needed to be able to document the mapping so clients could see that they were getting what they paid for.


Astera Solution and Results

Being a consulting shop, the firm could have developed its own transformation engine, but quickly decided against this approach since they were not in the data integration business and their resources would be better utilized by working on client projects rather than inventing something that was probably out there in the market already. After investigating possible products, the firm ultimately agreed upon Centerprise Data Integrator.

Using Centerprise , the developers are able to create custom transformations quickly and transparently. With Centerprise’s drag-and-drop visual mapping, it was simple to completely map customer data in minutes. And because the mapping is a visual representation, it was easy to present to clients and thus document the process.

Thanks to the ease of use and extensive logging abilities of Centerprise, this consulting firm estimates that they have been able to speed up the process of mapping customer data by 20 percent. So in addition to completely meeting usability expectations, in only a few projects Centerprise has paid for itself.


Why Astera

Centerprise competely met functionality and usability requirements.


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