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Centerprise Connectors

Easily Integrate or Migrate Your Data Using Astera's Extensive Library of Centerprise Connectors

Today’s business-to-business (B2B) integration requires working with a plethora of files such as EDI transactions, XML files, and REST or SOAP web services to exchange XML or JSON data. Often integrating these disparate files involves building complex hierarchical structures. Along with its great integration features, Centerprise helps you complete your high-speed, high-performance integration and migration projects quickly and easily by offering a library of pre-configured Centerprise connector sources and destinations. These connectors have been created specifically to meet your project and business needs and are constantly updated to keep pace with new technologies.

Centerprise includes pre-configured connectors that enable your Centerprise integration engine to communicate quickly and easily with specific enterprise business applications like, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and more, as well as with industry-leading databases, data warehouses, and technologies such as COBOLEDI, and web services.

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