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According to a study conducted by Forrester Consulting, electronic processing of invoices costs $3.50 per invoice, while manually-processed invoices cost $30 per invoice on average. The savings are not just limited to processing costs. Instead, EDI also enables faster communication with trade partners, which in turn improves business relationships.

Considering the benefits, EDI is a natural solution for any business that wants to reduce the administrative burden associated with information transmission, improve business relationships, and achieve greater accuracy and efficiency in B2B data exchange. Today, a multitude of industries use EDI in countries around the world. Whether in the healthcare sector, retail, or the automotive industry, EDI is transforming the way businesses communicate and yield value.

EDIConnect, an enterprise-grade EDI solution, makes the process of sending and receiving EDI messages quick and easy for businesses. With its drag-and-drop code-free environment and high-performance EDI translator, validator, and transaction builder, EDIConnect enables businesses to leverage the true benefits of electronic data interchange and communicate with trade partners in a seamless manner.

Here is a complete list of EDI X12 transaction sets that EDIConnect supports:

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