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EDI for the Transportation Industry


A fulfillment and transportation company relies on data from multiple entities to move goods through the supply chain. Using a manual approach that requires a dispatcher to manually key information into the dispatch and billing information is not only time-consuming, it can also result in costly data entry mistakes.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) enables trucking and transportation companies to eliminate the need for manual entry of information and ensure seamless communication flow between all parties with electronic transmission of standardized documents. The real-time data exchange offers companies better visibility of the fleet and leads to better resource utilization and planning.

EDIConnect is an enterprise-grade EDI solution that simplifies the process of Electronic Data Interchange with its drag-and-drop interface, high-performance validator, transaction builder, and parser, and process orchestration capabilities. Here is a complete list of transportation-specific X12, HL7, and EDIFACT transaction sets that EDIConnect supports

View our demo to learn more about how EDIConnect can contribute to the smooth running of a transportation business by enabling seamless exchange of information between trading partners.