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Government & Public Sector

Astera's data integration solutions enable government agencies and public sector organizations to cost-effectively meet their specialized data integration, migration, and quality needs. Centerprise will enable your government or public sector organization to trust its data and make better decisions that will streamline costs and efficiencies.

Federal, state, local, and municipal government agencies face unique challenges when managing the sheer volume of data, disparate data sources, data complexity, and data quality.

Government organizations must integrate and manage their data properly in order to increase operational efficiencies, meet service and security levels, deliver accurate and timely reporting on performance, and meet compliance guidelines. Agencies also face the challenge of sharing information both internally and externally, while maintaining security and privacy.


Customer Success Stories:

  • The City of Lodi uses Centerprise to maintain and integrate all financial and planning data, as well as serve it electronically to its internal and external users- securely, efficiently AND cost effectively.
  • This metro housing authority used Centerprise to solve major performance problems with various internal systems by migrating production data into a specialized reporting database.