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Data Conversion

The Importance of Good Data Conversion



Data conversion transforms data from one format to another so that source information can be integrated into a destination database. Data conversion software can extract data from multiple sources and then transform it into the data type required by the destination data store.


The objective of data conversion is to maintain all of the data and as much of the embedded information as possible. This can only be done if the target format supports the same features and data structures present in the source file, or if that format and structure can be accurately converted to match the target database. Incompatible data formats are a major barrier to moving data between applications. Poor data quality in any database diminishes return on investment and delays user acceptance.


Today’s data conversion software tools provide high quality results that inspire confidence in the reliability of the resulting data. Many offer comprehensive connectivity through built-in data connectors for a wide array of databases, mainframes, file formats, packaged applications, web services, data warehouses, datamarts, and more.


In addition, they offer features that enable developers to track data as it flows through the data conversion process in order to identify issues and perform debugging to proactively ensure the quality of the conversion processes.


These tools come with varying degrees of programming complexity and a wide variety of capabilities.


Centerprise converts data from any source

Centerprise eliminates the need for custom programming and enables businesses to convert structured and unstructured data from a broad range of sources, including databases, applications, files, and web services without the high cost, delays, and errors associated with hand coding.


Complex doesn’t need to be complicated

Centerprise provides a single, unified platform, an intuitive codeless and visual environment, a built-in scheduler, and workflow automation to make it easy for users to design sophisticated dataflows and workflows without writing a single line of code. In lieu of programming, Centerprise provides the tools to help you accomplish the same advanced tasks using drag-and-drop or single-click operations.


Built-in Complex Transformations

Centerprise enables users to build powerful dataflows and refresh data automatically at preferred intervals. With Centerprise, you can process structures of varying complexities using the software’s full complement of built-in, advanced transformations, including lookups, expressions, joins, unions, filters, routes, normalizations, denormalizations, tree joins, and tree node queries.


Centerprise Data Conversion Capabilities

  • View information residing in various sources using the Centerprise single, unified platform
  • View overall flows using dataflow diagrams to simplify development, understanding, and debugging
  • Easily access and analyze disparate sets of data
  • Efficiently manage multiple sources or targets
  • Instantly preview data at any step to proactively pinpoint and resolve issues
  • Develop modular dataflows and reuse common flow logic with subflows
  • Validate data, build individual record-level error outputs, and aggregate data quality statistics
  • Improve the accuracy of complex data analytic applications

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