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Centerprise User Reviews

  • Centerprise has been the essential ETL tool for the past 5 years within our data mapping and conversion teams.

    Harley Hess
    Financial Services Read More on Capterra ª
  • Great ETL tool, with excellent support. We have been using Centerprise for 3 years now, and it is used throughout our integration department.

    Mike Ethertton
    Development Team Lead, VIN Solutions/AutoTrader Read More on Capterra ª
  • I wrote a lot of SSIS in the past, and I always dreaded it. Centerprise is a much different experience and makes developing ETL fun.

    William Zanzinger
    Database Administrator, Goddard Systems Read More on Capterra ª
  • I've found Centerprise to be one of the most comprehensive and robust data integration tools in the market. It provides an endless number of great features to address any data transformation need.

    Marcelo Keppy
    Heller Consulting Read More on Capterra ª
  • Centerprise met all our criteria for high development productivity, excellent performance, workflow design, and process automation.

    Bola Olusanya
    Managing Director Vanderbilt University Read More on Capterra ª
  • Centerprise has its good parts and its bad parts. It handles basic, simple ETL quite well. The amount of features and abilities cover a wide range of tasks.

    Carlos Manzanares
    Software Developer, VinSolutions/AutoTrader Read More on Capterra ª
  • Centerprise Data Integrator is easy to learn and easy to use. It allows me to move data from one database to another with the click of a button.

    Stephanie Straitiff
    GIS Coordinator/Town of West Springfield Read More on Capterra ª
  • Speaking from a procurement specialist standpoint, the process of purchasing and obtaining updates for such product has been nothing but positive.

    Cynthia Varela
    IT Analyst/EP Energy Read More on Capterra ª
  • Outstanding features and flexibility for many ETL situations. It is an easy product to learn and the user interface provides excellent visibility at all stages of the ETL.

    Bill Prehl
    Director of Implementation Services/K12 Systems, Inc. Read More on Capterra ª
  • A great ETL tool! It works great as a stand-alone desktop tool to quickly transform or check your data.

    Lionel Ng
    Analyst/Havi Global Solutions Read More on Capterra ª
  • Centerprise is a real easy and fast tool to get up and running. You can have a dataflow up and running in mere minutes compared to some other tools on the market. The interface is simple and pretty much everything is all in one place.

    Dawn Bauer
    Software Developer, Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Read More on TrustRadius ª
  • WOW Why did we wait soooo long? Centerprise has reduced our lead time for conversions and increased our efficiencies as a conversion team.

    Don Smith
    Sr. SW Implementation Specialist, Software Solutions, Inc. Read More on TrustRadius ª
  • I love this tool and I believe it has a lot of potential. Even with a market leader like Informatica, the SCD logic has to be manually built. With Centerprise this can be built in just a few minutes, and it impacts every mapping.

    Mario Ferrer
    BI / DW Architect, Achievers. Read More on TrustRadius ª
  • Our client has a quicker, clearer and trustworthy business financial view enabling them to make well informed financial decisions. The ETL development group is twice as productive.

    Phil Nacamuli
    Principal, Leximantix LLC Read More on TrustRadius ª
  • If you compare it to other products for the price and ease of use it is very positive for your company. We use it for BI and it is very beneficial for use in business decisions. We chose Centerprise because of its flexibility, cost, and ease of use.

    IT Supervisor Read More on TrustRadius ª
  • There are more expensive products out there that may look like they do more or have fancy bells and whistles, but there is nothing I have tried to do that I couldn't with Centerprise.

    IT Manager Read More on TrustRadius ª
  • Using Centerprise as an ETL tool is working out great. Especially working with uncommon data sources! The tool is easy to use, very affordable to own and returns are very high.

    Venkat Prasad Sunkara M.S, PMP, CBIP, ITIL
    BI Architect, Vish Group, Inc. Read More on TrustRadius ª
  • Centerprise Data Integrator is used across the organization. It saves a lot of time with ease of use. It is very easy to use when compared to SSIS and less technical people can learn the product easily.

    IT Manager Read More on TrustRadius ª
  • Like peeling an onion, there is so much more to it! We are just now going into more depth from starting at the tip of the Centerprise iceberg. The more we see, the more impressed we are.

    Dave Worthington
    Implementation Specialist/Software Solutions, Inc. Read More on TrustRadius ª
  • A robust data management/transformation tool. Centerprise makes data transformation easy with it's well equipped toolbox and easy customization.

    M W
    IT Manager/LJRH Read More on Capterra ª
  • This product was very useful for taking flat-files and converting into relational Oracle database tables. The batch process was a great convenience.

    Darius Grant
    Developer/HP/Alcatel Lucent Read More on Capterra ª
  • Within the first two weeks we were able to use centerprise in 4 different conversion processes and saved around 10 manhours. Our biggest problem is that work gets in the way of exploring more ways to use it.

    Don Smith
    Conversion Team Leader/Software Solutions Inc. Read More on Capterra ª
  • The beauty of Centerprise is its flexibility in being able to standardized the data, and handle the entire process from collection, through cleaning and updating, to publishing.

    Michael Murphy-McCarthy
    Director of IT/United Methodist Church Read More on Capterra ª
  • Centerprise is overall a very useful tool for data integration from legacy systems to the new. It is easy to use and has vast functionality to transform data.

    Kyle Jones
    Application Developer/K12 Systems Read More on Capterra ª
  • Centerprise is easy to use--no need have a strong developer background to use. I looked at a few other options but they were excluded quickly when they came up short on functionality.

    Dave Farler
    Implementation Specialist, Software Solutions, Inc. Read More on TrustRadius ª
  • We at USDA-Veterinary Services had the pleasure of using Centerprise for over 3 years during a critical disease outbreak. It provided a simple yet robust ETL tool to massage and move data to several of our IT systems in a very short period of time. Our success in responding to and ending the Avian Influenza outbreak was certainly in part to the efficiency and effectiveness of Centerprise. Additionally, the Centerprise support provided by Astera was consistently prompt in addressing any questions, issues or enhancements that we had or were interested in.

    Shane Linke
    IT Architect, USDA APHIS VS PSS DIT Read More on TrustRadius ª
  • Ease of use, clever transformations and in general Centerprise has a library of transformations that even heavy duty tools like Informatica doesn't offer, such as SCD. You can literally be up and running in a few seconds, with a very low learning curve.

    Mario F.
    Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse Architect, Achievers Read More on G2Crowd
  • The software is very powerful, intuitive to use, and support has been responsive. One of the best features is the ability to preview the input or output of any step in the data flow.

    Matt S.
    Senior Business Systems Analyst, Euclid Technology Read More on G2Crowd
  • Solution stand-up time is very fast. Our company's extremely rapid development needs were easily met using Centerprise. Out of the box to a working solution took only days, where some of the other products that were sampled would have taken far longer.

    Mark R.
    Systems Analyst, Cognisight LLC Read More on G2Crowd

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