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Data Integrator

A Complete Data Integration Solution

Centerprise Data Integrator provides a powerful, scalable, high-performance, and affordable integration platform designed for ease of use by your business information experts, yet robust enough to overcome even the biggest and most complex data integration challenges. Centerprise is a complete data integration solution that includes data integration, data transformation, data quality, and data profiling in a flexible environment that enables users to choose from multiple integration scenarios.

Integration Made Easy

The Centerprise intuitive, user-friendly interface is designed to enable business users to handle data with little or no IT support. Users can exchange data with virtually any application, database, and format. They can build transformations specific to their application once and deploy everywhere, as well as quickly adapt them for future versions.

Data Quality and Profiling

Centerprise combines data integration, quality, and profiling features in a single, more manageable environment that facilitates the creation of data integration jobs with built-in profiling, quality measurement, and data cleansing. Profiling and data quality features include a data quality mode that provides functionality to track record-level errors and route or process records based on errors, validation rules transformations to validate data against business rules and add errors to individual records, and data profile transformations to provide aggregate statistics and record-level error information.

Job Flow, Scheduling, and Execution

Centerprise automation streamlines data exchanges using scheduling, file drop events, and API calls. The visual workflow designer defines task flows, branching, and dependencies. Built-in workflow tasks include FTP upload and download, file system actions, send mail, run programs, execute SQL scripts, and the ability to run dataflows and workflows. The built-in scheduler triggers jobs based on a schedule or using file drops and API calls. Job management functionality includes job priorities, moving jobs between servers, and more.

Extensibility and Openness

APIs enable users to add custom functions, sources, destinations, and transformations and to interact with a server for starting, monitoring, and cancelling jobs. All system documents, including dataflows, workflows, data models, and others, are stored as standard XML to simplify administration.

Performance and Scalability

The Centerprise high-performance parallel processing engine takes full advantage of multicore and multiprocessor hardware to deliver superior performance and scalability. Distribution of workflow components across multiple servers improves performance and scalability of integration jobs. Server performance scales virtually in direct proportion to processing power available and doubling the number of CPUs or cores usually results in doubling the throughput. Native bulk load support for popular databases is designed to efficiently process very high data volumes and high availability capabilities to avoid disruptions to mission-critical business processes due to server or network outages.

Centerprise Connectors

Our ever-expanding library of Centerprise Connectors is preconfigured to provide a plethora of integration options, enabling high-speed integration and migration for fast and easy integration with, or migration to, leading database and data warehouse platforms and enterprise CRM and ERP applications, as well as connectors for SOAP and REST web services that can be used to connect to a wide range of web services, including search engines and social media platforms.

Centerprise Benefits


  • Complete data integration solution
  • Ease of use by business analysts
  • Complex hierarchical data integration
  • Data quality and profiling
  • Data migration
  • Data mapping
  • Application data integration
  • Data warehousing
  • Performance and scalability