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Astera Cloud: Customer Portal

Completely Automated Partner Data Exchange and Integration

The Astera Cloud Customer Portal provides a non-technical online interface to streamline partner data exchange. Files no longer need to be verified manually on an individual basis.

It all begins and ends on a website where the processes are powered by our Centerprise ETL engine: designed and perfectly optimized for partner data exchange. Registered Customer Portal users can Submit, Track, and Cancel file requests from a centralized, secure, cloud-based platform.

File formats and specifications can be defined by Admins to ensure compliance with your systems. All files that have been uploaded correctly are automatically processed by our high-performance, parallel-processing Centerprise ETL engine using purpose-built workflows.


Powered by the Centerprise ETL Engine

Behind every successful, user-friendly data integration, migration, and extraction process, is Centerprise.

It’s no different for the Astera Cloud Customer Portal.

As an outside interface to Centerprise, the Portal facilitates partner data exchange by placing uploaded data files automatically on pre-built Centerprise workflows and processing relevant jobs once each file has been validated and cleansed via custom dataflows.

The entire process is completely automated. Powered by Centerprise, the Portal borrows the engine’s powerful processing capabilities and inherent scalability.

Lean Partner Onboarding and Management Process

Partner onboarding is lightning-fast with the Astera Cloud Customer Portal.

Business users can add and configure new partners/customers easily. Self-onboarding is possible, too. Once onboarded, partners can upload and track files from the Dashboard.

Streamlined File Transfer

Your customer logs in to the Portal, goes to the submission tab, uploads the data file in a format you’ve specified, and they’re done.

If there’s an error, Centerprise dataflows will detect any issues while validating the file and the Portal will issue a response file. Your customer will be immediately notified for fixes. File statuses update on the Dashboard in real-time, too.

360-Degree Dashboards

While User roles can keep track of file submissions on their Dashboard, Admins have 360-degree visibility on all data files across available organizations, complete with scheduled email reports and real-time updates.

The Activity Log keeps track of all actions taken by registered users, providing complete transparency. Admins can also suspend and terminate files as needed.

The comprehensive Dashboards ensure that shared data is accurate, timely, and complete.

Total Automation

Automation is critical for streamlined processes: that’s why the Customer Portal was created. With the end-to-end automation that our latest product provides, Admins have minimal maintenance after setup. The business’ partners upload files on their own, they get processed after validation on Centerprise, and responses are sent to relevant entities. Total automation.

Customer Portal Benefits

  • Centralized uploading
  • File tracking features, including status summaries and response files
  • Onboard new partners in minutes
  • SSL-secured, with file encryption features built-in
  • Infinitely scalable
  • Listening endpoint capability
  • Comprehensive dashboards for a 360-degree view
  • Integration without any intervention
  • Real-time data verification and processing
  • Scheduling, email notifications
  • EDI support
  • High performance parallel-processing engine