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A Complete Solution for Bi-Directional EDI

Electronic data interchange (EDI) is widely-used technology for the automated (computer to computer) exchange of business documents from different sources in a standard electronic format. It enables businesses to exchange purchase orders, invoices, advance ship notices, and other business documents directly from one business system to the other, without human intervention. Proven advantages are operational cost savings, increased processing speed, reduced errors, and improved relationships with business partners.


EDIConnect is a complete solution for accurate and efficient bi-directional EDI data integration. It offers EDI capability in an intuitive user interface with visual tools to build bi-directional integration. With built-in transaction sets for incoming file translation and ingestion, advanced data mapping, validation, and correction capabilities to better manage data ingestion, fast and easy outgoing transaction construction, acknowledgement generation, and automation, process orchestration, and scheduling, EDIConnect delivers the power and scalability to meet the most demanding EDI needs.

EDI Translator

EDIConnect's high-performance streaming EDI translator delivers performance and scalability to efficiently process all sizes of data volumes. The drag-and-drop visual mapping interface is designed specifically for complex hierarchical structures like EDI and XML. The integrated validator performs standard and custom validations in a snap.

Transaction builder

EDIConnect offers one of the most powerful and intuitive EDI transaction builders on the market. A visual, stepwise designer enables you to build complex, hierarchical EDI transactions and the instant preview windowlets you view data at every step to quickly correct any mapping errors in real time. With EDIConnect, you can extract data from a wide assortment of data sources and utilize hundreds of built-in transformations and functions to map data to EDI formats.


The EDIConnect validator enables you to perform a wide array of standard and custom validations. It is integrated with the translator and transaction builder for validation of incoming and outgoing EDI transactions against partner requirementsand generates technical and functional acknowledgement of incoming files. The Error as Data feature exposes validation errors as mappable objects to enable creation of custom destinations.

Automation and Process Orchestration

  • Define simple and complex workflows using Workflow Designer
  • Define process orchestration for incoming and outgoing EDI files
  • Orchestration can be used to download or upload files, generate acknowledgements, invoke data maps, send emails, and much more

EDIConnect for HIPAA

As an industry expert in complex data mapping, EDI structures, and data integration, Astera is uniquely positioned to solve HIPAA data integration issues. EDIConnect offers key technologies that enable payers and providers in the healthcare industry to quickly, easily, and affordably integrate transactions with back-end systems.


EDIConnect Benefits

  • Complete data integration solution
  • Advanced transformation and validation technologies for complex data
  • Full range of built-in EDI capabilities
  • Seamless, unified environment
  • 100% managed .NET code that provides a reliable, scalable, and secure platform
  • Drag-and-drop interface for business users