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Designed to simplify the process of parsing and building EDI messages, EDIConnect is a user-friendly yet feature-rich EDI solution that offers full support for incoming file translation, acknowledgment generation, transaction construction, and validation.

With its drag-and-drop interface, EDIConnect enables users to handle complex EDI schemas, perform validations, and write to a destination of their choice. For building an EDI message, users can import data from a wide assortment of sources, such as fixed length files, Excel workbooks, delimited files, and other formats. Using the advanced data mapping capabilities of EDIConnect, the data can easily be mapped to an EDI format, validated, and sent to a trade partner.

EDIConnect offers support for the parsing and construction of all ANSI X12, HL7, and EDIFACT transaction sets without the need of custom coding, thereby allowing businesses operating across a wide spectrum of industries to implement EDI and achieve operational efficiency.

Whether in the healthcare sector, retail, or the automotive industry, EDI is transforming the way businesses communicate and yield value. The industries that commonly use EDI X12 standards include:


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