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Astera for Nonprofits

Nonprofit Organizations Need Quality, Affordable Data Integration Solutions

Discussions regarding the importance of high quality data integration tools typically revolve around the complex data issues encountered by business enterprises when migrating and managing data
from many disparate sources. Astera is finding, however, that there are a variety of organizations, both large and small, that need high-quality yet affordable data integration tools, and one of the biggest is nonprofits. Nonprofits have unique data integration needs because they have often acquired piecemeal tools as they have grown over the years that are neither integrated nor efficient. While they often need to leverage their data in ways just as sophisticated as for-profit businesses, their lack of IT systems and infrastructure combined with strict budgets hinder them greatly. Nonprofits rely even more heavily than for-profit businesses on their human resources, many of whom are volunteers, and these resources are infinitely more valuable in other facets of the nonprofit organization than data management.


Astera Data Integration Solutions for Nonprofits

Astera data integration tools are tailor made for nonprofits with disparate data sources that must be managed efficiently and economically on small budgets with even smaller IT staffs. Key features in Astera software that benefit nonprofits are:

  • Sophisticated, robust engine and technical capabilities
  • No-code, drag-and-drop interface especially designed for business users
  • Straightforward, affordable pricing
  • Special discounts for nonprofits

Customer Success Stories:

  • The United Methodist Church selected Centerprise as the ETL tool of choice to integrate data from all of their conferences to their General Council Finance and Administration systems.
  • Focus On The Family needed an integration platform to validate, cleanse and convert incoming data from multiple sources.